Why verus?

A Simple Quest for Honest, Truth Based SEO

Let me tell you a sad tale about not one, not two, but three dodgy seo companies we hired to rank our ecom stores. We spent a fortune, literally pouring our hard earned profits down the drain as we were conned from pillar to post. Now we focus on honest, authentice, truth based SEO. We have honest conversations with you about whats achievable, whats needed & what it will take to get you there.

The tie them in forever clauses

The first one trapped us into a 12 month contract. He explained, hey it takes time so we have to preotect ourselves. Fair enough. He was useless. Like useless. We got a monthly report, 5 dodgy purchased crappy links & an instruction to change a few titles with keyword stuffing. Le sigh.

the technical dude

In fairness, this guy wasn’t a complete waste. He was just convinced it was 100% down to technical audits & speed. It’s not. Whilst ensuring your site is technically correct, this is just one layer of many. Speed is important, but not at the expense of converting or user experience.

The Hocus pocus guy

Talk about snake oiled salesmen. This guy had us convinced he knew the secret google sauce. He was the expert. He ran scientific experiments & had cracked google. Erm yep. 8 months & ££££ wasted with him we realised the only secret sauce he knew was how to convince us to waste money with him. He could rank us for anything… and when he didn’t, it was our fault we needed x10 of a budget.

are all seos bad?

Nope. Along the way we have met some great seo professionals, and through trial and error, we  learned the real secret to ranking. Google will rank what consumers want. Simples. Show them your expertise, your authority & write for your consumers, not for google. Do good housekeeping, dotting eyes, crossing t’s, no technical errors, nice & speedy site, & have good converting content. Then you will rank.

The secret of Ranking

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. There are no magic SEO secrets. To rank you need to give your customers want they want & how google expects it.

truth based seo

1. We ensure your technically flying & everything is where google expects it to be.
2. We ensure Google knows you are the expert in your field.
3. We optimise your content to ensure its exactly what your customers & google are looking for.
4. We look for your competitors weak spots & see where we can win.
5. We ensure your brand positioning is on point.

So what do we do then?

So we promise.
1. No tie you in forever clauses. You can leave anytime you want.
2. No hocus pocus we have a magic wand spiel. We don’t. We will give you
3. We will always be open, honest & truthful, thats our thing.
4. We will build a full, complete partnership with you. When you win, we win.
5. We work on all layers of the cake, from brand positioning, through technical foundations, speed, to converting content & appropriate CTA’s, to outreaching to other sites.

Some of Our Team

Our Reputation is Built on Results. We succeed when you succeed. We take our work super seriously, but in life, we have fun. Benji, head of fun insists upon it.


Founder / Lead SEO

LLb. ACA. FCA & 15 years experience running ecom sites. Maebh specialises in ecom seo & law & accounting seo (she speaks their lingo).


Head of PPC

Des is an advert whizzzzz. He knows how to get you the best converting customers for the least pennies possible.


Head of On-Page

Amy loves to write. Shes specialised in SEO content writing for over 5 years and she & her team know exactly what to say & when.



Head of Fun

OK we have a confession. Benji is not very good at SEO. In fact, we wager that you are better at SEO than Benji is. But he is a brilliant ball fetcher, and he will slam computers shut if you work too long. We like him, he keeps it real.

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