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We help SME’s get found on google. Simple.


You need to be in the top 10 google results, we get you there. We make it easier for your website to be found online.


We help you outrank your competitors in local maps and local search. 


Advertising done right. Maximise your ROI by having carefully designed campaigns built in conjunction with our SEO work.


We help you create relevant engaging content that will convert your traffic into paying customers.

We believe in transparency

TRUTH Based SEO. It’s our thing.

we build partnerships

TRUE SEO is all about knowing YOUR business

we look at the complete picture

FULL 360 review

we deliver results

We get you seen on google. 

The Company Website SEO Services We Offer

We are different from most SEO agencies. We’ve come to SEO from a business. As an accountant & Ecom manager, we put business and profitability first. We know what you need to succeed & we put our skills to getting your there.

Results Based Website SEO

We rank websites. This means we get YOU see in google by YOUR customers. We do this by ensuring that your site is seen as an authority in google, it has great content & sites want to link to you!

Company Brand Positioning

We do a full review of your brand, where you are, where you want to be. We look at how your brand is positioned & how effectively to deposition your opposition by finding their weakspots & exploiting.

Converting Website Visitors

Getting traffic to your website is one thing. But we ensure that your site is optimised for conversions. We want your customers to buy, not bounce! This is an integral part of our SEO journey.

How we run a full SEO campaign

Whether your company is based in Dublin or Dundalk or any part of Ireland we get your business found in google. When people do a web search we ensure your business is top of the search engine.

1. Plan, plan and plan a bit more

We don’t use a scattergun approach. We do a full 12 month plan, tied into your social media channel and marketing, to build up your organic search bit by bit. We decide which of our SEO solutions is the best fit for your website and business. Our SEO Expert, Maebh, takes the lead role in planning the strategy for a long lasting success. We are not a quick buy a few cheap links and run SEO agency, we build committed long term partnerships with you, through honest, truth based SEO work.

2. Website Content Creation

It’s all about the word. No seriously, it is. The written word on your website communicates not just your values and offers to your customers, but it also communicates your authority to google. Our content team are UK & Irish based and they know what the search engine seeks. Our Irish writers know Ireland.. they know what Ireland thinks, feels, wants. 

3. Outreach & Social Media

Outreaching to other websites, to bloggers, to press, to journalists is a full time job but still the life blood of SEO. Backlinks to your site, from quality sites, is still the lifeblood of SEO and vital to any SEO campaign and we have a wide based of websites based in Ireland to liaise and outreach with. Relevancy is key here, and have websites based in Ireland linking to you is worth a lot more if you want to rank in Ireland. We also ensure your content is in tune with your social media marketing, its all part of the same 360 review we conduct on your business.

How our Marketing & SEO Works

We use our tried and tested formula to create a digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation – SEO plan that works for you and your business.

360 business review

Unlike other SEO agency’s we take the time to get to know your business inside out. We find out where you are, & where you want to be. We look at your brand, its positioning & review any potential. Our work is not just based on search engine optimisation, that is just one piece of the seo solution.


First of all we do a detailed keyword review. We look at what you are ranking for, what your competitors are ranking for & what keywords are converting keywords. We plan our priorities based on the above and your business priorities.


After doing the above research, we then put together a proposal unique to your business. We give you an honest assessment of what you can achieve, how long it will take us & what it will cost. Like all things, the bigger the budget, the bigger the gains we can achieve in a shorter period.


Once you are happy with your proposal, its go, go, go! Our r first steps are fixing any technical issues on your site, laying out your site appropriately & then getting the optimised content on your site. Our agency has a detailed step by step methodology to how we achieve rankings & once our contract is signed, we start to implement this.

Why Join Us?

All of our campaigns include

360 review

We get to know your business, inside & out. We get to know where you are & where you want to be.

competitor analysis

We take a detailed look at your competitors, we find their weaknesses & we position you to exploit them.

optimised on-page seo

Naturally, we ensure your website is fully optimised with content that converts your visitors into customers.

effective keyword research

We find the keywords that will convert for you. Using detailed analysis on your profile, your

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