Ecommerce SEO – Search & Strategy

We get Ecommerce SEO. For over 15 years we lived & breathed it.

Unlike most SEO’s we’ve been in at the deep end. We’ve ran e-commercestores in multiple niches for over 15 years. Ecommerce SEO is VERY different from other SEO. It’s harder & is a LOT more intense.

We have a detailed 10 point check plan which we implement on day 1 of starting to work for you. Honed over 15 years of running e-commerce stores, this proprietary solution gets your site where it needs to be!

Most SEO’s just Don’t Understand Ecommerce SEO

Our sad tale of e-commerce seo woe

We spend years wasting money on SEO ‘experts’ trying to rank our ecommerce sites. To be frank, they had no clue. Like all professions, SEO has divisions and to rank in Ecommerce, the hardest type of SEO, you need an Ecommerce SEO expert. Being able to rank a plumber in a local town is NOT the same as ranking e-commerce sites nationally.

We ended up training ourselves..

After years of reaching out to general SEO’s we realised, we that that just because they could change a wheel, does not mean they could drive a ferrari. Ecom SEO is such a specialised discipline, we have now formulated our proprietary 10 step failsafe plan for Ecom stores. So when you come to us, you KNOW we KNOW Ecom SEO!

Only a TOP SEO company, who truly understands your company & needs can get these results for you. Get an idea of what our SEO team can do for you today.

Let our Commerce Results Speak For Themselves

ecommerce seo sales funnel

The secret of Ecommerce SEO

Customers are only ever 1 click away from another shop, so ecommerce seo for shopping sites is about much more than landing traffic. We give people a reason to buy from you with our unique Brand Positioning exercise we do with ALL Ecom stores before we start!


Keyword research is vital for every shopping site and this is at the heart of ecommerce seo. You want to ensure that you are targeting BUYING INTENT keywords. Too much money & time can be wasted on top of the funnel keywords. For example, don’t target ‘Clothes’ for your power pages, target much further down that funnel. Not all search is equal for commerce SEO.


Category pages are vital in your success story. We spend time optimising yours when doing ecommerce seo to ensure that our category pages are for buying intent, whilst our supporting content is for the general search & interest keywords. All keywords have a part to play, knowing where to put them is the key and our seo analysts know this!


Brand pages are key to ecommerce SEO, especially if you sell multiple brands. Highlight these & get ranking for your top brands. Brand searches tend to be towards the bottom of the sales funnel, consumers have done general searches, are aware and now looking to begin their purchasing journey.


Every product page needs optimised with converting content. A good ecommerce seo consultant will ensure that your long tail buying words are serviced by product pages. Along with unique metas, images & sales conversion copy on your pages, we can truly rock your site..One of the biggest mistakes ecommerce sites make is just blindly copying manufacturing content! 

Get your Ecommerce Store Ranking!

We know what it takes. Our proprietary ecommerce SEO solution has been honed over 15 years. We have a 10 point check plan for all e-commerce sites to take them to the top of Google.

SEO for Shopping Sites 

We are different from most ecommerce SEO agencies. We’ve come to SEO from a ecommerce business. As an Ecommerce manager, we put business and profitability first. We know what you need to succeed & we put our skills to getting your there. You’re not just getting an SEO Analyst, you are getting 15 years of Ecommerce experience.

Results Based SEO

We rank websites. This means we get YOU see in google by YOUR customers. We do this by ensuring that your site is seen as an authority in google, it has great content & sites want to link to you!

Brand Positioning

We do a full review of your brand, where you are, where you want to be. We look at how your brand is positioned & how effectively to deposition your opposition by finding their weakspots & exploiting. 

Converting Visitors

Getting traffic to your website is one thing. But we ensure that your site is optimised for sales conversions. We want your customers to buy, not bounce! This is an integral part of our SEO journey.

How our Marketing & SEO Works

We use our tried and tested formula to create a digital marketing and ecommerce SEO plan that works.

360 review

Unlike other SEO agency’s we take the time to get to know your business inside out. We find out where you are, & where you want to be. We look at your brand, its positioning & review any potential for ecommerce seo. Whether using magento, shopify, blue park or another site interface, we plan accordingly.


First of all we do a detailed keyword review. We look at what you are ranking for, what your competitors are ranking for & what keywords are converting keywords. For ecommerce seo we split keywords into three, awareness, interest & buying & we content plan accordingly. Not all traffic is equal.


After doing the above research, we then put together a ecommerce seo proposal unique to your business. We give you an honest assessment of what you can achieve, how long it will take us & what it will cost. Like all things, the bigger the budget, the bigger the gains we can achieve in a shorter period. Our Ecommerce SEO plans start at £1500pm.


Once you are happy with your ecommerce seo proposal, its go, go, go! Our first steps are fixing any technical issues on your site, laying out your site appropriately & then getting the optimised content on your site. Our agency has a detailed step by step methodology to how we achieve rankings & once our contract is signed, we start to implement this.

Ecommerce SEO Steps


Every brand tells a story & stories sell. What’s your story? We work with you to ensure your story is being told on every page of your ecommerce site. Decide what your brand means. What pain point of your customers is it satisying. Getting this right before any work is done is vital. All Ecommerce SEO must reflect your Brand positioning & values, and understanding this makes us unqiue among SEO consultants.

What meaningful benefit does your brand offer? What problem does it solve for your customers?
How are you differentiated from your competitors? This needs to be clearly defined and present in every touching point with your customers. Throughout from your power pages to your product portfolio, your brand positioning needs to be selling your story. Ecommerce SEO isn’t run of the mill SEO, it takes it a step further & involves a complete 360 review.


Once we have done the brand positioning audit, we then move onto detailed keyword research, defining keywords into search, interest & buying intent keywords. We have a very unique way of identifying the buying intent keywords compared to the research & interest keywords. We list all 3 and do detailed steps for optimising for each stage of the buyers journey. 


We run a detailed technical audit to ensure your site has everything google expects & nothing more. Each month we re reun these audits to ensure nothing has happened. What we have found with ecomm sites is that products are seasonal, they are replaced and we ensure we have a replacement product seo strategy in place.


Detailed planning stage where we take all the keyword research, do a full content plan & optimally plan our your shopping site structure. Site architecture is key to ensuring visitors find the products they want, quickly. This means ensuring our categories are laid out logically, but also with converting keywords. Eg using ‘Accessories’ as a category is not very useful. Departmentalising category structure is vital at this stage. Category structure is vital. Each click away from the home page means a step away from your sites authority. Our structure layout also includes details internal linking plans to ensure we are spreading the authority to the pages we want.


Part of any SEO package is doing a detailed content plan to show google that you are the authority on your keyword. It’s essentially the same for shopping sites SEO, but done in a unique way. We plan your content plan, and a detailed timeline for implementing, depending on your budget. Duplicate and thin content pages are the achilles heel of shopping sites. We identify your weak points and ensure that they are being dealt with. We analyse the search terms used, and make sure that if the search is in research phase, then that search is serviced by our supporting content phase. If the search is in the awareness phase, then we ensure that our power pages are powered up for that search. If we the search is a buying intent, then we assist your team to ensure your product pages are optimised for that search term. Each search represents a different part of your buyers journey. Whilst we want to maximise our efforts for the awareness & action search, ignoring the general search is not an option.


Part of SEO is looking at the long tail keywords which are useful and often better at converting and ensuring these fit in with your product portfolio. Planning where we use these is vital to ensure no keyword cannibilisation. 


Not all sites are equal and not every site will be able to rank for every keyword. (Well, they can with a huge budget & time). We assess your sites current authority & put in a detailed authority growth plan. We then assess your target keywords and ensure that your site can rank for the keywords chosen. Some SEO’s will tell you they can rank any site, for anything, in any niche. But we do truth based SEO, we tell you realistically what your site can achieve with your desired keywords in your niche. We put then implement an action plan to grow your sites authority so in time we can go for the bigger cheeses. 


This is often ignored but actually plays a vital role in optimising your power pages & ranking for lots of long tail keywords. For most sites, a lot of traffic will organically flow from your individual products being in the results, and these are often found in more buyer intent searches. So we need to ensure your product pages have unqiue title tags, metas, images & great converting content.


Part of our monthly work is ensuring that each section of your site is schema optimised, whether its product, article or web page schema.


Finally, when your site is ready, our team start your outreach programme to bloggers, writers, journalists with the aim of getting contextural highly relevant links to your site. This is a long, hard, slog but is important to help buffer up your authority.